The staff is set up for a single company within a single battalion, as our unit operates as such currently. Following Senior Staff, the jobs are listed in position according to their respective Senior Staff job placements.

Command Staff

Commanding Officer: c/CDR Kevin Carroll
Executive Officer: c/LCDR Chris Hooten-Smith
Unit Master Chief: c/MCPO Rusty Jacobson
Unit Training Officer: c/LT Joe Myers

Senior Staff

Operations Officer: c/ENS Ana Maria Hourigan
Administration Officer: c/LTJG Jeff Jernigan
Supply Officer: c/LTJG Arijanna Zimmer
Teams Coordinator: c/LTJG Martin Stewart
Senior Chief MAA: c/SCPO Chris Vig
Senior Chief MAA: c/SCPO Eric Williams

Junior Staff

Community Service Officer: c/CPO Mason Steere
Public Affairs Officer: c/CPO Rebecka Maines
Ordinance Officer: c/SCPO Riley LeBlanc
Fundraising Officer: c/CPO Kelsey Breitung
Athletics Officer: c/CPO Kenny Sims
Technology Officer: c/CPO Jordan Sulzer