Our platoon structure is thus, with COC going up to the Training Officer and Master Chief, then to the XO, then to the CO. A platoon officer is generally a senior cadet, ENS or LTJG, acting as the supervisor of the platoon. The platoon leader is generally a CPO, the order giver of the platoon. The master-at-arms is like a drill seargent in keeping orderliness in the room, but also charged with cleanliness and such; generally a PO1. Squad leaders should be at basic a senior cadet on squad, rank basis by PO2/3.

Currently, most of our senior cadets and officers are in zero hour, therefore limiting available proper rank of staff per platoon.


Senior Naval Science Instructor    CDR  Mandigo
Naval Science Instructor                   CWO3  Kindred


Company Command

Company Commander          c/CDR Kevin Carroll
Executive Officer                  c/LCDR Chris Hooten-Smith
 Training Officer      c/LT Joe Myers               Master Chief      c/MCPO Rusty Jacobson

Oscar Zero Seven "O07"

Period 0
Platoon Officer        c/LTJG Martin Stewart
Platoon Leader        c/CPO Treven Sarber
Master-at-Arms      c/PO2 Nicole Freda
Guidon                        c/CPO Kenny Sims

Kilo Whiskey Tree "KW3"

Period 3
Platoon Officer        c/
Platoon Leader        c/PO1 Tyler Schultz
Master-at-Arms      c/SR Marissa Matautia
Guidon                        c/

Delta Fower Lima "D4L"

Period 4
Platoon Officer        c/ENS Elizabeth Johnson
Platoon Leader        c/CPO Kelsey Breitung
Master-at-Arms      c/SN Tim Meyers
Guidon                        c/

Fife Hotel Managers "5HM"

Period 5
Platoon Officer        c/SCPO Chris Vig
Platoon Leader        c/CPO Tristian Dear
Master-at-Arms      c/SA Cody McElligott
Guidon                        c/

Alpha Siks Niner "A69"

Period 6
Platoon Officer        c/SCPO Riley LeBlanc
Platoon Leader        c/CPO Jordan Sulzer
Master-at-Arms      c/CPO Mason Steere
Guidon                       c/