NJROTC Ranks and Rates

Enlisted Ranks
E1      SR      Seaman Recruit
E2      SA      Seaman Apprentice
E3      SN 
E4      PO3      Petty Officer 3rd Class
E5      PO2      Petty Officer 2nd Class
E6      PO1      Petty Officer 1st Class
E7      CPO      Chief Petty Officer
E8     SCPO    Senior Chief Petty Officer
E9     MCPO   Master Chief Petty Officer

Officer Ranks
O1      ENS       Ensign
O2     LTJG      Lieutenant Junior Grade
O3       LT         Lieutenant
O4     LCDR      Lieutenant Commander
O5      CDR       Commander

*All ranks and rates held by cadets are preceeded with a "c/"
**The cadet rank of CAPT is used on the east coast primarily, or with units of battalion status.


The United States Navy commissioned rates continues with captain and admirals.

O6      CAPT    Captain
O7      RDML    Rear Admiral Lower Half
O8      RADM    Read Admiral Upper Half
O9      VADM    Vice Admiral
O10     ADM      Admiral
****   FADM     Fleet Admiral  -  reserved for times of war.