This is the teams page, obvious I know. Shown are the team captains and their assistants, what each team is about. Also, note that while team jobs are given in application process on who wants them, some are more selective on experience and skill.

NOTE: Drum Corps will be starting shortly. The Corps Major has winter sports, so the Minor and Lieutenant will be the ones running it most of the time.


Monday - PT

Tuesday - Armed

Wednesday - Unarmed

Thursday - Color Guard

Friday - room closed 1410


Team Captain: c/CDR Kevin Carroll
Team Lieutenant: c/CPO Mason Steere
Academic Team is in charge of prepping for the postal academic challenges, and also assists cadets in school academics to further their learning and achievements.


Team Captain: c/CPO Kenny Sims
Team Lieutenant: c/SCPO Riley LeBlanc
Athletics is involved in organizing PT days, PFTs, and any other sports oriented parts of JROTC, including postals and competitions.

Armed Drill

Team Captain: c/LCDR Chris Hooten-Smith
Team Lieutenant: c/LTJG Arijanna Zimmer
The Armed Drill Team prepares for the Annual Military Inspection, parades, and various other performances that include a show of drill rifle capacity.

Unarmed Drill

Team Captain: c/LTJG Jeff Jernigan
Team Lieutenant: c/ENS Elizabeth Johnson
The Unarmed Drill Team prepares for the Annual Military Inspection and such events that require drill performance, as well as better cadets in their individual and close-quarter drill movements.

Color Guard

Team Captains: c/LTJG Martin Stewart
                                   c/MCPO Rusty Jacobson
Team Lieutenant: c/SCPO Chris Vig
The Color Guard prepares for all events requiring of a Flag Detail, instructing and training cadets in all movements needed for an excellent execution. The team also consists of the Honor Guard and Exhibition Color Guard.

Air Rifle

Team Captains: c/CDR Kevin Carroll
                                  c/LCDR Chris Hooten-Smith
Team Lieutenants: c/LTJG Martin Stewart
                               c/MCPO Rusty Jacobson
The Rifle Team competes with other local JROTC teams and in national postals. Cadets better their marksmanship skills and patience, shooting in the morning and after school!


Team Captain: c/CDR Kevin Carroll
Team Lieutenant: c/LTJG Jeff Jernigan
The orienteering prepares for activities that include a course in orienteering, educating and training cadets on the proper material use and navigation used on an orienteering course.

Drum Corps

Drum Major: c/CDR Kevin Carroll
Drum Minor: c/ENS Elizabeth Johnson
Drum Lieutenant: c/SN Paul Bowder

One of the very few Drum Corps in the NJROTC program, Stadium's Drum Corps practices percussion techniques and cadences to be played during parades, the Annual Military Inspection, and other events that give time for a spectacular performance. The leaders in the Drum Corps are all members of the Stadium High School award winning Drum Line.